The term acne comes from a Greek word, which means “in the sense of a skin eruption”. The term acne itself refers to the presence of pustules and papules. Technically, it is known as “acne vulgaris” which means “common acne” and it refers to the presence of comedones. This is the most common type of acne. Many teenagers suffer from it.

Acne Causes

There can be many reasons to these acnes. Some of the primary reasons are:

1. Genetic history, acnes are generally genetic, tendency to develop acnes comes from our ancestors but it is not necessary that a person having an acne free family is himself or herself free from acnes as well.
2. Hormonal activity, acnes usually appears at adolescences because at this time our sex hormones are highly active.
3. Inflammation, skin irritation is the cause of inflammation which will further gives birth to acnes.
4. Stress, when we are under stress our adrenal or stress glands produces huge amount of hormones.
5. Accumulation of dead skin over the active pores of the skin.
6. Bacteria in pores can also be the cause of acnes.
7. Anabolic steroids are also the main reason for acnes. Therefore, one should remain away from such things.
8. Amount of toxicity in body also tends to development of acne.
9. Exposure to iodides, chlorides, bromides and other halogens.
10. Exposure to dioxins also cause acnes

One must be aware of these causes and must take proper steps to prevent acnes.