Acne is a skin disease, which makes our face not so good looking. Blockages in follicles lead to the development of acnes. In these acnes, some material clogs skin pores or a thing grows containing pus. Acne mainly cause on our face and upper neck. Acnes may affect chest, shoulders and back. Acne is technically names as “acne vulgaris”.

This mainly happens in teenage because at that time everyone goes through his or her puberty period. There are various reasons, which can cause acnes. Heredity is the main reason. It has been seen through studies that person suffering from acne tend to have somewhat low level of vitamin A flowing through their bloodstream as compare to those who are free from acne. It has also seen that in case of severe acne the circulation of vitamin E also tends to low down.

There are various misconceptions about acnes. Some people think dirt is the main reason of acnes but this is not true. This misconception is there because of the blackheads appear on the skin which look like dirt stuck in the opening pores of the skin. That black color is simply oxidized keratin, not dirt.

Acne problem require immediate attention as it can lead to various bad psychological effects. One can feel depress or can even try to commit suicide. Everyone thinks acne as a blow to his or her self-esteem. Therefore, one should take care of themselves and their children and should consult a good health professional.