Eating certain foods can definitely impact your skin quality. While some people seem immune the negative repercussions of eating greasy meals, others develop horrible breakouts and cystic acne. Diet does play a role in skin quality. This is because the skin is the last organ to receive nutrients. In order to have better skin, you need a diet that is full of antioxidants and vitamins. The alternative is to apply vitamins and antioxidants directly to the skin.

Dairy Products

If you are sensitive to dairy foods, then it will make your skin inflame and burst into cystic acne. This can be fixed by avoiding dairy. Apply soothing treatments twice daily and you will notice dramatic improvements. Many people complain that dairy gives them acne, and it is a major culprit of acne problems.

Processed Food

All of the salt and chemicals in processed food can really increase inflammation and acne problems. Once you cut out these foods your skin will clear up. In combination with topical treatments you will have clearer skin in no time. Processed foods dehydrate the skin, so you will need to moisturize often to restore natural balance.

Oily Food

Greasy food can clog pores and make your skin oilier. Notice if you eat a bunch of French fries, your skin feels really gross after. It’s no wonder these foods clog your pores. Take care of your skin by eliminating fried and oily foods. Wash your hands after eating them when you do eat them, and don’t touch your face.


Nuts don’t effect everyone, but for those with a sensitivity to nuts, they can make the skin worse. The high fat content and salt that is often added increase acne and redness. You can eliminate nuts most of the time and see almost immediate benefits. Don’t remove them altogether though, since they do contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.


Most people are chronically dehydrated. Not consuming enough water can cause dry skin and other imbalances. These imbalances lead to acne and flakes, as well as dull skin that doesn’t repair itself fast enough. The best step to treat acne is to start drinking plenty of water. Drink until your urine is clear. Your skin will thank you and you will love your new skin.

Combining Diet And Treatments

The best way to see clearer skin is to combine healthy eating with topical treatments. The better you eat the healthier your skin. Exercising also plays a major role in skin health. Exercise purges toxins from the skin so that it can breathe and be healthy. Just make sure to use a wipe after exercise to remove sweat, or the opposite will happen.

Healthy Tips For Clear Skin:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.
  • Drink enough water every single day. At least three liters are recommended.
  • Follow a consistent routine for treating acne. Cleanse, medicate and moisturize.
  • If you don’t see improvement, try stronger products and continue eating healthy.