Choosing an acne treatment for your skin type is the most important thing when treating your condition. If you use the wrong products, then your skin will not respond and possibly get worse. Choosing a balanced regimen that meets your needs will result in clear beautiful skin.

Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Teenagers with oily skin often have acne. Oily skin is complicated because oil production is uncontrollable and clogs pores quickly. It also looks shiny and unattractive. The best thing to do for oily skin is moisturize! An oil-free moisturizer with anti-acne ingredients will balance the skin. Sometimes oily skin is just dry skin that is overproducing oil to combat the problem. Even those with excess oil production need a moisturizer.

Oily-skin types will also want to use a full arsenal of products. Toner, moisturizer, cleanser and clay masks are recommended for completely treating the condition. Oily skin requires a lot of maintenance, and definitely more than other skin types.

Special makeup is recommended too. Oil-free makeup with acne-fighting ingredients will help the skin heal without clogging pores even more.

Luckily, this type of skin allows for tougher treatments. Most people with excess oil can tolerate higher levels of ingredients that fight acne.

Acne Treatments For Dry Skin

Dry skin is difficult to treat. This is because acne treatments are often drying. Active ingredients that fight breakouts are known to dry the skin further. So someone with dry skin can use sensitive-skin formulas. Rich moisturizers are also important for treating dry skin with acne.

Dry-skin types should use moisturizing masks as a follow up to their normal treatment plan. Moisture is important for dry skin to stay healthy. A soothing and rich mask will help clear up problems and provide ample moisture.

The main thing to focus on is washing the face only once per day. Using moisturizer twice per day is going to be beneficial, as dried-out skin will increase breakout frequencies.

Acne Treatments For Combination Skin

Combination skin is so common. There are special products on the market specifically for combination skin. They will balance oil while neutralizing dryness. These products are perfect for the person with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks.

Those with combination skin can also use spot treatments. Dab product where the problems are and then use a different product somewhere else. This targets the right areas to help treat the skin effectively.

Tips For All Skin Types

Consistency is key when treating acne. If you follow a program for any period of time, then you will see benefits. Stopping and going will only make the problem worse and you won’t get a clear idea of how products are working for you.

It is very possible for your skin to change. If you move to a new environment, then you may need to change your routine to match. Some people move from a humid environment to a dry one and switch from oily to dry skin. This is important to pay attention to.

Whatever you do, always make sure you are using the right products for your skin.