Acne is an inflammatory disease, which involves sebaceous glands of the skin, characterized by:

1. papules (a inflamed elevation of the skin) or
2. pustules (a blister or inflamed skin containing pus) or
3. comedones (a black tipped thing clogging a pore of the skin)

Acne lacerations are generally been called as pimples, spots, zits or blemishes. It is very much common at adolescences, according to the facts almost 85% of the teenager get affected by it and this may continue until their adulthood. Increase in male sex hormones is the main cause of developing acne in adolescences, which was accrues by people of both genders during puberty.

Normally for most of the people, these acnes diminish or we can say tends to disappear over time. Generally they fade away after one reaches his or hers early twenties but in some cases one may suffer from them for a very long period. The face and the upper neck are body parts most commonly affected by the acnes. Chest, shoulders and back may suffer from acnes as well. While the lesions on the upper arms are considered to be as acnes sometimes but they are often keratosis pilaris, not acne.

Aside its effects on skin, it has many psychological effects too, such as reduced self-respect, depression etc. in some cases this depression can lead to suicides. As it usually happen at an age when we use to be most socially insecure i.e. at adolescences. Therefore, one must prefer advance and fast treatment for acnes to reduce its overall impact on our social and physical life.